connects plenty of biker nearby or next door

With online dating has gained a booming popularity over the years, an increasing amount of singles flock to different online dating sites wishing to make a difference in their lives. Biker enthusiasts are not an exception. Facing hundreds of newly emerged online dating platforms without an aimed client base and its uneven quality, however, it can be extremely hard for biker singles to find a suitable dating site for them, let alone the chance of meeting like-minded people who also enjoy motorcycle riding lifestyle is even slimmer.

Being a veteran motorcycle rider as well as a professional programmer, David Lee, the founder of Plenty of Bikers, decided to make biker lovers love life more simpler and more effective. By creating the expert online dating platform catering exclusively for motorcycle singles in 2005, more than 400,000 biker girls and 380,000 biker dudes have succeeded in finding a special one with the same passion for motorcycle.

The achievement the website achieved has definitely shocked the field of online dating and its success can be first attributed to its giant member base which consists of a total of 3.1 millions biker singles, among whom biker women represents 51.5% while biker guys 48.5%. Not only does the website has a sheer volume of member base, but also an astonishing diversity of the members. With numerous biker singles coming from 34 different countries and 5 continents, you can get a taste of different cultural vibes and the beauty of cultural diversity.

Aside from its massive member base, Plenty of Bikers is also renowned for its high quality members. In order to effectively prevent fakers and scams from entering the website, every user is required to complete an identity verification by submitting the picture of their ID card and driver’s license. In addition, some extra search will be done manually to further assure the authenticity of identity of certain suspicious members to. Also, biker users are encouraged to report any suspicious or users that they encounter. And a certain amount of cash will be sent to the user once the report is successfully confirmed true.

You have probably noticed that on way too many online dating platforms, a few selfies and a lengthy bio play an important role in defining an individual, which drives love-seekers turn to superficial judgement based on appearance and greatly weakened the significance of personality. Not so with, where every biker single is required to complete a questionnaire covering all aspects of their personality. And thanks to the highly advanced and patented matching system which permits biker singles to match on a deep level of personality, about 500,000 singles who share the same motorcycling lifestyle find their compatible half every year on

The expert for bikers’ dating which outshines other online dating websites for bikers in many aspects, is also on its way to becoming the biggest social network tailored specifically for motorcycle lovers. A Twetter-like forum allows users to update their status, post pictures as well as posts stories, experience and tips related to motorcycle. In 2016, was officially considered as a huge contributor who had promoted the understanding in biker community.

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