The Surprising Facts about Online Biker Dating Websites

Online Harley dating is a world many of male Harley riders and female Harley riders have stepped foot in to conduct an active social life. But there are some hidden facts about online motorcycle dating sites that will definitely surprise the biker girls and biker guys seeking love. In order to be more informative, the largest free motorcycle dating website have compiled a list of the most surprising facts and now let’s rake a look together.

12% of 18-25 year-old biker guys and biker dudes use dating apps/website to boost their self-esteem.
Now every single Harley rider all want to feel good once in a while. Thus, this kind of biker women and biker men tend to turn to online biker dating websites where they can meet local bikers and feel flattered from the compliments of other male Harley riders and female Harley riders. Knowing a like-minded single Harley rider is physically attracted by you is surely an esteem boost for the Harley motorcycle rider themselves. However, it is not a great news for the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys who actually want to find a like-minded motorcycle women or motorcycle man to share the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle.

3 % of single Harley riders use a online biker dating website/app to cheat on their partner.
While it’s a relatively small percentage among 2 million of registered motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes, it still shows not Harley motorcycle rider’s intentions are like most of the rest. Even though it is definitely not an exciting news for biker chicks and biker dudes who are looking to find a truly compatible Harley motorcycle rider, it can still be an alarm to make sure the biker babes and motorcycle babes are always alerted.

43% of Harley girls and Harley guys pay more than $55 on online motorcycle dating websites and apps.
Even though there are a handful of free Harley dating websites, in order to get a high quality as well as personalized service, more and more man biker and women biker choose to pay for high-end online biker dating service. With the average biker spending anything up to $55 on online motorcycle dating app, which is way cheaper than constantly going to a bar and pay for fancy drinks not only for yourself but also for the potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend.

44% of online biker dating users are talking to more than 3 Harley women and Harley man at the same time.
Even though most of Harley motorcycle riders would like to believe that we are the only one the single Harley rider they have a crush on is interested in but in reality, more than 44% of registered motorcycle gentlemen and motorcycle ladies are talking to from 3 to 7 different biker dudes and biker chicks. Thus, if your Harley dude takes more time than you have expected to reply your message, chances are they were busy replying the message of other motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes.

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