Facts you need to know about biker dating

The moment you sign up on online Harley dating sites designed exclusively for male Harley riders and female Harley riders, you have set foot on a looking seeking road in searching for another compatible biker man or biker women to share the same Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. Today, instead of expert biker dating tips we have been talking talking about for ages, the most famous free motorcycle dating sites would like to unfold some of the most interesting facts about dating and relationships when you are with the special motorcycle man or motorcycle women.

Couples usually have at least 6 dates before they enter an exclusive one.
Well, what about you? The 5 most popular free biker dating sites have teamed up and asked about 900 male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders, and come up with the number as a result. Harley man and Harley women tend to go on dates for more than 6 times in order to know if the biker girls or biker guy truly suit each other before they become exclusive to each other.

The most common break up time is about 3 to 5 months.
The beautiful love story between a motorcycle guy and motorcycle girls last for about a decade isn’t common as it seems to be. And Harley motorcycle riders break up for various reasons. Whether it is because of incompatibility of personalities or different plans in the future, keep in mind that there is more than one solution to any kind of situation and you should never give up so easily on your biker chicks or biker dude.

One in five has experienced violence in a relationship.
Truth is, everyone can be exposed to any sort of violence in a relationship, whether you are dating a biker babe or not. What you have to pay attention is how exactly you can protect yourself if ever you are exposed in danger. Staying silent at this point would be the worst of all the bad choices you can make.

Biker dudes care way more about their partner’s appearance.
According to a survey conducted by Men magazine, about 69% of motorcycle dudes have dumped an overweight biker lady compared to 20% of biker ladies. The fact that men are visionary animals is undeniable. However, for not only motorcycle chicks but also motorcycle dude, it is of great importance to keep an attractive image in front of their partner in order to keep the fire going.

Biker users who post a photo receives twice as many friend request.
On any kind of online motorcycle dating sites, having a proper photo of oneself is vital to get a partner who also love riding Harley Davidson bike. Because it deosn not only shows other single Harley riders how you look like, but also the general vibe you are giving off to others.
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