The Secret of a Successful online Biker Dating Experience

Older Caucasian couple smiling on motorcycle

There are thousands of hundreds of male Harley riders and female Harley riders who are seeking a quality Harley dating experience online, however, not every single one of them have gained what they have wanted. So here arises the question: what made all the differences. Some Harley motorcycle riders might say certain biker girls and biker guys have a relatively more appealing personality or appearance. Well, to a certain level, it is true. But let’s not forget the fact that every single single Harley rider would find their meant-to-be, which is merely a matter of time. However, it seems like some biker man and biker women took too long to find a compatible one who also enjoys Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle to a point where they tend to lose confidence. Well, if that is the case, maybe it is the high time for the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to change a strategy and focus on the online biker dating tricks that might make a difference. So today we are going to talk about some always neglected secrets which are fairly important when it come to optimizing your online motorcycle dating experience.

An eye-catching profile.
Without the need to meet your potential Harley girls or Harley guy in person, the profile page on online Harley dating sites has become increasingly important for both Harley women and Harley man to stand out from the rest of registered single Harley riders and catch the eye of the special biker lover. There are two key points when creating a biker profile. The first one is pictures. Don’t get me wrong, it is not about choose your best pictures, but choose the clearest one which speaks the most about your personality. Writing down the three most appealing personalities that you want other biker chicks and biker dudes know about you and pick the according pictures to prove it! The second secret is a short, simple but content-rich bio. Imagine that your amazing bio allows every other motorcycle babe and biker babe to get to know to within merely 2 minutes. And you are telling me you still don’t get enough matches that are compatible with you?

The first pick-up line.
Pick-up lines sound pretty cliché and old fashioned. But it does play a vital role when it comes to striking up a conversation. I guess a majority of motorcycle chicks as well as motorcycle dudes have experienced with the same thing: only few of the first messages were replied after getting a bunch of biker matches. Why? According to Lydsy Lee, the reasons are easy: the first messages sent by man biker or women biker which doesn’t really strike up the urge for others to reply always tend to be way too plain and boring. For example: a simple “Hey” or “What’s up” have a much get 78% lower rate of getting a reply. Instead, the first message which poses a question such as “You seem to be a fun person, would you like to join for a Harley Davidson ride sometime” is bound to get to more responses.

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