The Spectacular Motorcycle Adventure Trips

For adventurous single motorcycle riders, the most rewarded thing is having an exciting and spectacular motorcycle adventure trip. They are dreaming of riding their Harley motorcycles through arctic tundra, deserts, jungles or the highest mountain passes in the world. Exploring the whole world on two wheels will be the ultimate goal of their lives.

Today, there are dozens of companies offering hundreds of featured motorcycle tours for single bikers to choose. However, most of these tours charge high cost, which will be the hindrance for riders to take. There is actually a way out which is that experienced motorcycle singles can work out a plan based on the details of the classic routes provided by the tour agencies, which can save a lot of money and enable them to enjoy a perfect motorcycle adventure trip. To help them out, here is a list of the four incredible trips that will lead them to experience the world on the two-wheeled machines.

1. Vegas to the Grand Canyon Motorcycle Trip
This trip is one of the legendary adventures that includes the off-road excursion from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon. It will last four days through Nevada, Arizona and Utah. As bikers ride through deserts and pine forests to reach the edge of the Grand Canyon, they will be amazed by the great Nature. To accomplish this trip, all participants need at least one year of off-road riding experience.

2. Route 66 Motorcycle Tour
Although this famous highway was officially decommissioned in 1985, this tour can take you to ride the same path as the original road. It starts from Chicago to Los Angeles, taking you to visit St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Santa Fe, and Las Vegas. Along the way, you can make stops at vintage roadside landmarks like Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Ariz.

3. Oman Adventure
This two-week Oman Adventure tour is designed by one of the leading motorcycle tour agencies. It will take motorcycle riders to a circular trip through the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Along the way, bikers will have a chance to make stops at Wadi Shab (a scenic valley and waterfall) and Jebel Shams (the highest mountain in Oman).

4. End of the Earth Adventure
This 2000-mile motorcycle trip starts from Osorno, Chile to Tierra del Fuego, which will last 17 days. It is truly a trip of a lifetime for expert adventurous bikers. Riders will ride through the Andes, over the Patagonian plains, and cross the Strait of Magellan. And this trip will give them a chance to see towering mountains and vast glaciers, as well as wildlife like penguins and guanacos.

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